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Shopify Content Evaluation and UGC Ecommerce

The EEAT Content Evaluation of a Shopify Business largely depends on User Generated Content (UGC)

Whaaat? Is that even a thing? ????

Yes, it is indeed. Now, we’ve seen how EEAT content boosts web rankings.

And we have also seen how UGC content boosts the social media presence of Feastables, the chocolate brand by Mr. Beast;

and many other Shopify businesses.

Merging these two content strategies, Shopify Businesses can use UGC as E-E-A-T Content. This article discusses the intricacies of modern Shopify EEAT Marketing and Website Content Evaluation. This outlook on Shopify Marketing might just change how you upgrade your content strategy in the upcoming year. Before we begin, let’s discuss how UGC and EAT go hand in hand!

EAT Content Evaluation: How UGC Ecommerce Boosts EAT?

Talking about Topical Expertise of your Shopify E-A-T Content Evaluation, User Generated Content (UGC) backs it up.

When it comes to building Authoritativeness, Shopify UGC proves to be a social proof of the customer’s experiences. Last but not least, how can we miss the impact of UGC on the trustworthiness of a Shopify Business Website? Yelp Statistics 2023 show that there are almost 265.29 Million Reviews in the United States.

Clearly, reviews get a lot of attention since Yelp is a review-based network industry in itself.

Businesses can boost rankings with Shopify User Generated Content such as testimonials, reviews, and the best UGC video ads. All this builds the customer base and the content experience. Now, the first E in E-E-A-T Content framework is the most recent component of the Google Raters EEAT Guidelines.

Content Evaluation: UGC and EEAT Go Hand in Hand

UGC Ecommerce allows Shopify Businesses to share expert advice.

Validate experience with user-generated content as feedback. Well, call it feedback or rather, free promotion! Either way, User Generated Content shines through. It makes your Shopify Business up the EEAT Content. However, there are some niches that are better such as Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, and Customer Use Goods. We will elaborate on examples for each of these further in the article.

Our Shopify SEO Experts have actively helped businesses with content evaluation and running the best user-generated content campaigns.

Here are some key recommendations for Shopify Businesses moving toward UGC ecommerce:

Ecommerce UGC Tactic #1: Create High-Quality Shopify Content

  1. Conduct thorough research and fact-check information for blogs
  2. Provide accurate and reliable information about products
  3. Cite authentic sources and references in your content

This invites users to share the relevant information with the target audience.

Ecommerce UGC Tactic #2: Build Trustworthiness With UGC Content

  1. Establish expertise through valuable UGC ecommerce content
  2. Showcase credentials like social handles of UGC Collabs and posts
  3. Engage with the audience through social media and industry events

This incentivizes users to post their good experiences with your Shopify product as a promotion.

These UGC Niches Boost Shopify EEAT Content

Some of the best user-generated content campaigns have common niches.

There is a reason behind it. The component “Experience” in EEAT Content Strategy is all about generating articles that are informational and other informational UGC Posts. Shopify Content Evaluation shows how this strategy includes the Your Money Your Life (YMYL) Content Topics. They are basically UGC niches that are highly specific with information. YMYL Content on Shopify is helpful, and it is created with the sole objective of solving the buyer’s dilemma.

Some popular UGC Niches are:

  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Skincare
  • Commodities

Moreover, this also includes informative UGC Content in the form of articles, emails, posts, or more.

Advantages of UGC Content

Let’s go over some of the most important advantages of UGC Ecommerce for Shopify.

  • UGC adds word-of-mouth value to your Shopify website
  • UGC attracts and influences new customers
  • UGC is a way to humanize your Shopify business
  • UGC content raises brand awareness among customers
  • UGC makes your Shopify store more sellable and trustworthy

Two Important Types of UGC Content

All happy customers have their own ways of showing appreciation. With UGC, that appreciation reaches the internet. Businesses then use UGC Content to assure more customers. Now, Shopify Content Evaluation for different websites shows different types of UGC content that people use to share their product experience.

  • Social posts or shares
  • Customer reviews
  • Case studies
  • Referrals
  • Blog posts
  • Community forums
  • Webinars or podcasts
  • Best UGC video ads
  • Conferences
  • Testimonials

Out of them all, UGC Collabs brings out some of the best UGC video ads for Shopify businesses.

Moreover, UGC Email Examples are another great way to generate brand awareness and buzz around your products. Check our informative article on how popular Shopify Businesses use UGC Collabs and Emails.

Content Evaluation with SEMrush Tool: Build Content Expertise

SEMrush is one of the best tools out there for Shopify Content Evaluation and Shopify SEO.

When it comes to creating E-E-A-T content for your Shopify Website, SEMrush Content Marketing Tools and features come in handy. Shopify SEO Experts agree that the most important and newest feature has to be the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant.

Once you are done with writing your long-form content, put it through SEMrush before publishing.

In your SEMrush dashboard left-hand menu, click on the content marketing tab.

There, you will see many new features as shown in the image.

Once you run the check, the tool analyzes your Website Content on a number of basis. This includes keyword difficulty, tone of voice, originality, readability, SEO keywords, broken links, and other SEO recommendations. Additionally, you can also use the Smart Writer feature for AI suggestions that further refine your content.

We went all in to show you how the tool works!

Here’s how the SWA Tool evaluated one of our recent blogs Pinterest Presents 2023 Summit.

You can see in the image shown below that our content is ranked 8.1/10.

The SWA Tool conducts content evaluation based on many Google SERP Ranking Factors.

Now the tool is pretty good from the SEO angle, but make sure that you do not over-optimize! So it is best not to resolve every single highlighted issue. We are sure that you can ensure that with ease. The tool is easy to use. And our guides are always here to help you stay updated with Shopify Tools and Trends.

Moreover, our Shopify SEO Experts help many businesses to stand out with tailored solutions.

Get in touch with niche-specific Shopify Experts to grow your store revenue.


Shopify Content Evaluation based on the EEAT framework elevates the quality and credibility of website content. Additionally, User Generated Content (UGC) acts as a part of content marketing strategy which helps in generating brand awareness for your business. We hope this article helped you understand some of the potential factors that can help you up your Content Marketing game in the upcoming year.

Learn how UGC Collabs Create a Domino Effect for your marketing campaigns.


Authored By Roman Gorski

Authored By Roman Gorski

"Translating business plans onto the website and perfecting optimization reflects in positioning."

In 2011, Roman Gorski began his marketing endeavors with Search Engine Optimization. A whole new universe of e-commerce marketing soon became his playground. With over 12+ years of marketing in the industry, Shopify SEO still continues to be one of Roman's best areas of expertise.

Besides staying on top of Google Updates and SEO best practices, Roman enjoys watching TV series. He also likes to spend his free time dining out with friends.

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