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Better for you snacking, with better-than-ever flavor


The Feastables Shopify Store has carved a niche for itself in the competitive e-commerce market. YouTube personality Jimmy Donaldson uses a gamification approach to run the Store. So we conducted a Shopify Site Audit on Feastables to understand the successful storefront.

Our Goal: To deduce what makes the Feastables Store rankable and engaging.

Previously, we conducted a Shopify Store Audit on FashionNOVA.

In this article, we are discussing some of the key aspects of the Feastables store. Our Shopify Site Audit analyzes product descriptions, marketing strategies, website organic traffic, backlinks, and more. These insights are extremely helpful to new retail businesses trying to build a marketable storefront. 

So let’s see what it takes to build a Shopify Business.

Shopify Site Audit on Feastables: KPI Overview

To begin with, the Feastables Store showcases quality product imagery and graphics.

This helps in holding the visitor’s attention. Additionally, Feastables offers a navigable storefront and captivating descriptions. These are the first three elements that attract the attention of a customer online. This clearly tells that the brand holds a strong emphasis on customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Feastables Storefront exemplifies effective marketing tactics that drive online business success.

Here’s an overview of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) upon which we are going to analyze the store.

✅Customer Reviews

✅Social Media Engagement

✅Influencer Marketing

✅Organic Traffic

✅Paid Traffic

✅Backlink Summary

✅Marketing Strategy

✅Homepage Design

Above all, customer testimonials say a lot about a brand.

And Feastables showcases customer reviews on every product page.

Talk about building customer loyalty! 

Let’s magnify this a little with insights from our Shopify Site Audit.

How Feastables Store Harbors Customer Loyalty

User-Generated Content (UGC) has a profound impact on brand perception and customer engagement.

It builds customer trust in the brand. Today, 93% of marketers believe that UGC is trusted more than the content created by brands. And that is because it allows the audience to see an authentic view of the product. 

Authentic, not marketed.

In fact, the customers just need affirmation of the product quality. 

Our Shopify Site Audit tells us that the brand uses a lot of User Generated Content.

Here are some of the popular hashtags used by the brand on social media.

Feastables User-Generated Content on Instagram
HashtagsNumber of UGC Posts

Indeed, the sheer amount of quality UGC posts helps in capturing the authentic essence of the Feastables experience.

HubSpot mentions that 79% of people go with the purchase decision seeing others have good experiences. Feastables encourages its customers to create and share their experiences through reviews, testimonials, and social media posts. The brand harnesses the power of User-Generated Content effectively.

#1: Shopify Site Audit for Website Reviews

Feastables Shopify Site Audit

Our Shopify Site Audit experts found out that Feastables actively collects customer reviews and testimonials. You can see that these customer reviews are prominently showcased on the website. These authentic experiences and positive endorsements build trust among potential customers. Customer Reviews also serve as social proof of the brand’s quality and customer satisfaction. 

Read our guide How to Add Customer Reviews to Shopify.

It explains everything about the topic in detail. Moreover, we have also elaborated on how this helps to maximize Shopify Sales.   

#2: User Engagement Hashtags on Social Media

Feastables encourages its customers to tag the brand and use designated hashtags such as #feastables on TikTok. The brand also actively engages with customers via hashtag campaigns on Instagram. By featuring and reposting user-generated content, Feastables strengthens its relationship with customers. This also helps the brand expand its reach through organic word-of-mouth marketing. 

Our Shopify Site Audit experts say when customers share experiences like this socially, it’s good marketing.

#3: Influencer Collaborations for Community Building

Feastables has built an incredible community through engaging social media presence and influencer collaborations. The brand has also achieved remarkable growth and customer loyalty. Our Shopify Site Audit reflects how Feastables continues to captivate its audience and expand its reach by optimizing the website user experience. Besides, the brand harnesses the power of video marketing. With strategic partnerships and a focus on SEO, Feastables ensures a steady stream of traffic and conversions. The brand sets an exemplary standard for aspiring e-commerce businesses.

Shopify Site Audit Measures 156.1K Organic Traffic on Feastables

Feastables Shopify Site Audit Organic Traffic

Feastables is more than just a snacking brand; it is a movement towards a healthier, tastier future. The brand has an unwavering commitment to quality ingredients, unmatched flavors, dietary inclusivity, and sustainability. They have set a new standard in the snacking industry. Our Shopify Site Audit shows that Feastables receives 156.1K Organic Traffic on the storefront. 

Organic Traffic is generated purely on the basis of unpaid marketing efforts. 

Here is some more data that we found through our Shopify Site Audit.

  • organically ranks for 9.1K keywords
  • These organic keywords have a traffic cost of $50.3K

This organic traffic comes from the brand popularity, engagement, and a focus on Shopify SEO Tactics. Our guide Shopify SEO Best Practices, unveils a set of key Shopify SEO Practices for every Shopify Business. 

Since the United States is estimated to have 1.62 million vegans, plant-based chocolate attracts organic traffic. Feastables products like OG Plant-Based Mr.Beast Bar garner a lot of attention from both vegan and non-vegan audiences. Everyone wants to check out the product line and flavors.

“I created Feastables to make better snacks accessible to everyone”

— Jimmy Donaldson

Moreover, the brand insinuates that snacking can be a part of a balanced and healthy diet. Feastables encourages individuals to make mindful choices by offering nutritious options made with quality ingredients. The organic audience finds joy in snacking without compromising their well-being. The brand communicates the message that snacks can be enjoyed guilt-free as part of a holistic approach to wellness.

The 156.1K Organic Traffic embraces the Feastables Lifestyle, which is all about incorporating healthy snacks into a balanced diet.

Paid Search Summary for Feastables: We Didn’t Expect This…

Feastables Shopify Site Audit Paid Traffic

Well, the Paid Search Summary for Feastables is Nil.

It literally turned out to be 0$, and we know why. The store powers through conversions with UGC and the Brand Value of Mr.Beast. This clearly helps them drive a lot of organic traffic (as we discussed in the previous section).

Moreover, Feastables briefly indulged in Paid Search Marketing back in January 2022.

They used Google Ads and Facebook Ads for the most part, and that was it.

Shopify Site Audit Shows 13.6K Backlinks on Feastables

Feastables Store Backlinks

Quality Backlinks are a big Shopify SEO ranking factor. Feastables has 13.6K Total Backlinks on the web as per our Shopify Site Audit. Recently, we published a Shopify Backlinks Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs like yourself. You might want to give this a read.

Our Shopify Site Audit also highlights the following backlinks data.

  • has 2K Referring Domains
  • They also have 2K Referring IPs
  • The Backlinks account for 7.7K Follow Links (56.58%)
  • Their website has 5.9K Nofollow Links (43.42 %)

Having “follow links” pointing to your website is a good thing.

Follow Links are also called Inbound Links. These links help search engine bots index your website better. This helps the website to slowly crawl up the search engines. On the other hand, the “nofollow links” do not work in the website page’s favor. These links do not boost the PageRank in any way. And they most certainly don’t help a page’s placement in the SERP rankings.

Feastables has 56.5% Follow Links which is significantly more compared to their 43.4% Nofollow Links.

Feastables SEO Backlinks Report

Moreover, there are various types of backlinks. shows 13.3K Text Links out of 13.6K Total Backlinks.

The rest of the links include 293 Image Links, Frame Links, Form Links, and more.

How Feastables Leverages Gamification in Marketing

Feastables has implemented gamification in its marketing strategy to increase customer engagement. Gamification increases customer attention, and the mind picks up an active mode. Even a small increase of customer attention by 5% can help fetch 25-95% profit. This may not work for every single retail store business.

However, our Shopify Site Audit has dissected the Feastables gamification strategy.

Based on the following factors, let’s begin the analysis:

  • Scoring Systems and Points
  • Gamified Website Design
  • Spin The Wheel Prizes
  • Small Incentives
  • Postscript Messaging

Shopify Site Audit Elements Reflecting Gamification in Marketing

#1: The Scoring Systems

The scoring systems are a common game mechanic that can be used to incentivize customers to engage with a brand or product. The brand offers points or rewards for certain actions. Therefore, customers can be motivated to engage more with the brand.

#2: The Gamified Design

Project design is an important aspect of the gamification strategy. It involves creating a fun and engaging experience for customers. By designing the gamification experience in a way that is fun and engaging, Feastables increases customer engagement and loyalty. Moreover, most of the customers also include gamers and GenZ, so gamified designs add to the vibe.

#3: Spin The Wheel

Feastables offers chances to spin a wheel and win prizes on their Shopify store. This is a form of gamification that incentivizes customers to visit the store and make purchases. Moreover, just for the vibe, the storefront also has a built game totally out of context from chocolates. The concept is similar to the Dinosaur T-Rex Game with a different gamified design. (Yes, we admit to playing the game for a few minutes ourselves! ????)

#4: Small Incentives

Small incentives such as discounts or free samples, can be used to motivate customers. This makes them want to engage more with the brand. By offering small incentives for certain actions, Feastables incentivizes customers to make another purchase from the store soon.

Postscript Messaging Promotional Campaigns

Feastables uses Postscript. It is a go-to SMS marketing platform built specifically for Shopify stores.

It helps the brand to engage with customers via SMS. Customers who participate in the Program receive auto-dialed or prerecorded marketing mobile messages from Feastables. The SMS is sent to the phone number associated with the opt-in.

Moreover, with Postscript opting out is also easy in case the customers do not want the updates.

Users can opt-out by simply replying STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT to any of the messages.

Let’s see some numbers.

The interactive chatbot helps in generating positive customer engagement.

The Feastables gamification approach to messaging involves a combination of promos to create a fun experience. The strategy engages customers creatively. It also increases customer engagement and brand loyalty. That’s a big win.

Shopify Site Audit: The Best of Feastables Homepage

Just as you arrive at the storefront, a large graphic CTA draws the viewer’s attention to their newest prizes. Currently, the prize is “Earn Access to a Secret Mr.Beast Video,” and the CTA is “Unlock Now.” The Feastables homepage also has an alert bar at the top. It highlights the newest offer running on the storefront. Currently, “Get Some of Deez Nutz” can be seen at the top.

Here are some of the best elements of the homepage:

  • Large graphics area with “Shop Now” buttons and various product options
  • Highlighting The Everything Bundle and offers like “SAVE $45” and “Fast Shipping”
  • Customer Testimonials in stylized block-style gamified designs
  • A row of “In the wild” social proof containing user images with their Mr. Beast Bars

Key Takeaways

Feastables, the Shopify store created by Mr. Beast, exemplifies effective marketing tactics that drive online business success. The chocolate brand uses strategic collaborations, effective email marketing campaigns, and postscript messaging. The brand also focuses on Shopify SEO exceptionally. All this allows Feastables to ensure a steady stream of traffic and conversions.

However, what works for one storefront may not work for another.

Shopify SEO Consultant helps businesses break down their marketing goals into actionable strategies. We employ the best-suited and revenue-boosting strategies in our client’s stores.

Get in touch with us for a Shopify Site Audit or anything related to it!

We’ve got you covered.

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Authored By Roman Gorski

Authored By Roman Gorski

"Translating business plans onto the website and perfecting optimization reflects in positioning."

In 2011, Roman Gorski began his marketing endeavors with Search Engine Optimization. A whole new universe of e-commerce marketing soon became his playground. With over 12+ years of marketing in the industry, Shopify SEO still continues to be one of Roman's best areas of expertise.

Besides staying on top of Google Updates and SEO best practices, Roman enjoys watching TV series. He also likes to spend his free time dining out with friends.

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