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Shopify WhatsApp Integration

Having a Shopify WhatsApp Chat Button on an online website can make a significant difference in itself. In fact, after implementing Shopify WhatsApp Integration, many businesses report abandoned cart recovery. This also improves various aspects of user engagement and customer support. Why give your customer time to wander off the website?

Instead, you must give them an option to chat with you directly.

Before going through this article, check out our guide Shopify Best Practices to Boost Conversions. It discusses some of the most important factors contributing to insane store sales. Shopify WhatsApp Integration is one of these good practices.

Let’s explore how a Shopify WhatsApp Chat Button can affect your Online Store.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration: Impact on the Store

User Engagement and Conversion are the two factors that directly impact your store.

Let’s zero in on user engagement for a minute. We discussed the importance of the Shopify User Experience in our guide Shopify Speed Score Optimization. Adding a Shopify WhatsApp Chat Button facilitates just that. It allows users to initiate real-time conversations with the store owner or its representatives.

Without the button, here are some other ways for users to engage with businesses:

  • They can fill out contact forms
  • They can send emails
  • They can connect on a call

All this leads to potential delays in communication. 

Additionally, there can be technical difficulties on call as well. Shopify Whatsapp Integration allows businesses to reduce this communication gap between them and their customers.

????Problem: Potential Delay in User Interaction

????Solution: Add Shopify Chat With Us Button

????Action: Shopify WhatsApp Integration 

Let’s talk about the aftereffects of Shopify WhatsApp Integration now— Reaping The Benefits!

Benefits of Shopify WhatsApp Integration 

The biggest advantage of Shopify WhatsApp Integration is bridging the communication gap between the seller and the buyer.

But there are many other dimensions to this.

Hopefully, this list will make you consider getting Shopify WhatsApp Integration for your Business today!

Let’s dig into each of these Shopify WhatsApp Integration advantages one by one.

#1: User Convenience and Accessibility

The Shopify WhatsApp Chat Button puts users in a familiar zone.

Since WhatsApp is a very convenient platform, users find it easy to interact with the business. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp regularly or has used it well enough to operate. This adds a layer of convenience for the users of your store. They can reach out to the business from their mobile devices easily. Thus, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Read our guide on How Mobile-Friendly Shopify Stores Boost Sales.

#2: Personalization and Customer Trust

Of course, personalization matters! Shopify WhatsApp Integration facilitates direct communication.

It adds a personal touch to the interaction, making users feel valued and enhancing trust. The visitors on your store are more likely to engage in open conversations and share relevant information in a one-on-one chat. It helps businesses to understand what the customers enquire about. It also gives businesses an idea regarding the customer needs and expectations.

This makes Shopify WhatsApp Integration a big tool for Customer Support.

#3: Higher Engagement and Conversion

The immediate nature of WhatsApp chats can lead to higher user engagement compared to traditional contact methods. This helps businesses to stay proactive when it comes to customer service. 

Shopify Businesses can quickly address:

  • Customer queries
  • Resolve customer issues
  • Offer personalized recommendations

All this helps to guide users through the sales funnel, potentially increasing conversion rates!

Shopify WhatsApp Integration: A Marketing Tool?

WhatsApp is a globally recognized messaging platform, and so it transcends geographical barriers.

It helps stores connect with a broader international audience. This is a great way to reach customers not only in your area but also internationally. Shopify WhatsApp Integration facilitates seamless communication with customers from different countries. As we discussed earlier in the article, managing calls can be difficult for the business as well as the customer. An international customer may have concerns about international calling charges.

So adding a Shopify Chat With Us Button reduces the need for toll-free numbers. Moreover, when Running a Shopify Sale, businesses can send notifications to users who have opted in to receive them. Having a WhatsApp Button can streamline support operations by a big margin. Shopify WhatsApp Business Integration allows businesses to keep customers in the loop.

Here are just some of the ways that Shopify Stores can use WhatsApp:

This can be an effective marketing tool when properly managed. 

Many stores also experience Abandoned Cart Recovery after Shopify WhatsApp Integration.

Our Shopify Maintenance Services have helped businesses drive repeat customer rates like never before.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration Process is Simple

Adding a Shopify website button to your storefront is a straightforward process.

Businesses can use the Marketing + Support on WhatsApp App for their store. It’s not fully free to use.

However, their Free Forever version allows businesses to use 50+ types of WhatsApp widgets. Additionally, the app also allows the usage of multiple WhatsApp numbers, abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation messages, and order shipment messages.

Manual Shopify WhatsApp Integration

To take up manual Shopify WhatsApp Integration, go to your Shopify Admin. 

Then click on: Online Store → Themes → Customize

This will open the Theme Editor where you will see different sections of your storefront that you can customize. Now all you have to do is identify the section where you want to add the “Chat With Us” button.

Businesses often place a WhatsApp Chat Button in the header, footer, or on the product pages.

WhatsApp Chat Button Placement

Now you have to add a button element. Once you’ve selected the location, click on the “Add Section” button. If the section already exists, then click on the “Add Content” option within that section. Then choose the button type. Shopify gives businesses many options to customize their buttons as per the store persona. Look for the button element among the available content elements and select the one you like.

You can then use the button as it is or customize it further. 

Customizing the WhatsApp Chat Button

Customizing the button’s appearance can be done by choosing the size, style, and color that aligns with your brand. Then set the button link. This is the main part. Now configure the link for your button by providing the URL to the destination page— Your WhatsApp Web Link.

Now all you have to add is a Button Text and Message. 

It can be as straightforward as “Chat With Us”

Optionally, you can add a tooltip or message that appears when users hover over the button. This can provide additional information or encouragement.

Our personal recommendation for a tooltip message—

“Greetings from XYZ store, How can we help you?”

Finally, preview your changes to see how the button appears on the storefront.

If you’re satisfied with the button’s placement and appearance, click the “Save” button to apply the changes in the Theme Editor. Then click on the “Publish” button in the top-right corner to make the modifications live on your storefront.

Test, Test Test!

After publishing, test the button’s functionality to ensure it correctly directs users to your WhatsApp Chat.

Once everything works well. Stand by and watch your engagements become more smooth. Our Shopify Maintenance Services help businesses to make the best decisions for their store. We hope this article helped you understand how to add a Shopify WhatsApp Button to Your Store.

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Authored By Roman Gorski

Authored By Roman Gorski

"Translating business plans onto the website and perfecting optimization reflects in positioning."

In 2011, Roman Gorski began his marketing endeavors with Search Engine Optimization. A whole new universe of e-commerce marketing soon became his playground. With over 12+ years of marketing in the industry, Shopify SEO still continues to be one of Roman's best areas of expertise.

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