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Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting 101

Shopify customer demographics include a lot of “window shoppers.” 

Not all visitors end up in the Shopify sales conversion funnel, do they?

Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting helps businesses promote products dynamically. You can create highly targeted Shopify PPC Campaigns on Facebook for the unconverted customers. Shopify is a great platform for businesses as it allows you to run Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook right from your Shopify Dashboard!

Our guide Shopify Split Testing 101 discusses all about ad testing. Once you iterate and figure out the best performing ad elements for your store. Then comes Remarketing. This 101 Guide to Setup Dynamic Product Ads for Shopify Store will help you implement Shopify Facebook Retargeting.

So let’s get right into it.

Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting: How it Works

Shopify Facebook Retargeting helps businesses reach their untapped conversion potential.

It’s best suited for boosting conversions, customer engagement, and optimizing your ad spend. The efficient ad targeting makes Shopify Facebook Retargeting essential. It should be an integral part of your Shopify marketing arsenal.

Facebook’s extensive user data allows marketing based on customer demographics, interests, and behavior. Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting helps businesses take this up a notch by offering customers what they want.

A personalized shopping experience! 

This is achieved by running dynamic product ads on Facebook. 

These ads display the exact Shopify products your potential customers previously showed interest in. So by reminding potential customers of the products they viewed or added to their cart, businesses can significantly increase the likelihood of conversions.

This is how Shopify Facebook Retargeting turns the “window shoppers” into “paying customers.”

What are Dynamic Shopify Facebook Ads?

Dynamic Shopify Facebook Ads

These Dynamic Shopify Facebook Retargeting is a top-tier marketing strategy.

It’s an innovative approach to use the Facebook’s vast audience reach and targeting capabilities. Using this strategy, businesses deliver personalized product ads to individuals who are most likely to convert.

These ads showcase relevant products from your Shopify store to capture the attention of potential buyers and guide them back to completing their purchase.

Running Dynamic Product Ads helps customers make a final purchase decision. 

Besides that, these ads simultaneously help Storefronts to convert the unconverted customers.

These ads also offer flexible budgeting for running Shopify PPC Ads on Facebook. So Shopify Businesses have full control over the ad budget. 

Perks of Dynamic Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting Ads

Shopify Facebook Retargeting ads allow businesses to set daily or lifetime budgets, adjust bidding strategies, and optimize your spend based on performance. 

Store owners must account the growing potential of running dynamic Facebook retargeting ads.

eMarketer states that Facebook Ad Revenue is estimated to reach $71.32 billion in 2023. And this growth is expected to take the digits to $75 billion by the year 2024.

Meta Net Ad Revenues Worldwide, by Segment, 2020-2024 (billions)

Source: Insider Intelligence | eMarketer

Check out some of the other benefits of running dynamic Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting

  • Creative Ad Formats

Facebook offers various ad formats, including carousel ads and collection ads, which allow you to showcase multiple products or create an immersive shopping experience, enticing users to explore and engage with your brand.

  • Seamless Integration with Shopify

As a Shopify user, setting up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads is straightforward, with easy integration between the two platforms. You can sync your product catalog and automate ad creation, saving you time and effort.

  • Data-driven Insights

Facebook’s robust reporting tools provide valuable insights into the performance of your ads, allowing you to optimize your campaigns, identify top-performing products, and refine your remarketing strategies.

Combining the strengths of Shopify and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, can help you supercharge your Shopify Facebook Retargeting. Now let’s delve into the process of setting up these ads.

Setting Up Dynamic Product Ads in Shopify

Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook are the best ads for Shopify Stores.

To set up your Shopify Facebook Retargeting Ads, follow these steps:

  • Create a Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Create a Facebook Pixel.
  • Install the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store.

Once your store is integrated with Facebook Pixel, you can create ad campaigns from your Shopify Admin Dashboard itself. Here are the steps for set up Shopify Dynamic Ads on Facebook:

Shopify Admin > Create Activity > Facebook Dynamic Product Ad

  • Enter a Name for your Ad Campaign.
  • Enter the Ad Text for the activity.
  • Set your Shopify Facebook Ads Budget.
  • Set Shopify Facebook Ads Duration and Time.
  • Click on publish activity to launch campaign.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Best Practices

Shopify Facebook Ads Experts

It is best to ensure the success of your Shopify Remarketing efforts with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Getting professional assistance from a Shopify PPC Expert will help you run excellent ad campaigns. You can consider implementing the following Facebook Dynamic Ads Best Practices if running these ads yourself:

Consistent Branding

Maintain consistent branding across your Shopify store and Facebook ads.

This can be done by using consistent visuals, fonts, and messaging to create a cohesive brand experience. When it comes to Facebook Dynamic Ads Best Practices, consistent branding helps customers build trust with your Shopify Business.

Testing Different Ad Formats

Experiment with different ad formats for Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting.

Testing the performance of different ads will help you identify which formats resonate best with your target audience. Some the best types of ads to experiment with are:

  • carousel ads
  • collection ads
  • single image ads
  • video ads 

Refresh Ad Creative Regularly

Keep your Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting graphics and creatives fresh.

Remember that the customers you are targeting have already come across your Shopify Store. So updating images, headlines, and descriptions of your ads periodically is necessary. This prevents ad fatigue. The last thing you want to do is frustrate the customer. This ensures that your ads remain engaging and relevant.

Use Dynamic Product Sets

Create dynamic product sets based on specific criteria.

You can make product sets with your best-selling products, new arrivals, or products within a certain price range. This allows you to showcase highly relevant products to different segments of your audience. Moreover, it also gives you insight into what sells more effectively.

You can test different Shopify Facebook Retargeting ad sets with different ad placements. This includes Facebook News Feed, Instagram, and the Audience Network. Evaluate the performance of each placement and allocate your budget to the most effective channels. Another way to experiment is implementing social proof in your ads. 

You can add on your customer reviews in your ads to show credibility. This helps build trust and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Monitor and Optimize Frequently

Regularly monitor the performance of your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads campaigns.

Analyze key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROAS. Identifying the underperforming ads or audiences is crucial for retargeting campaigns. So make necessary optimizations to improve results.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are the best ads for Shopify businesses. By following these Facebook Dynamic Ads Best Practices, you can enhance the effectiveness of your Shopify Remarketing efforts. Get some conversion-boosting insights from our guide Driving Profitable Shopify PPC Ad Campaigns.

Key Takeaway: Actualize Your Conversion Goals

We hope this article equipped you with the knowledge to elevate your Shopify remarketing efforts. Shopify Businesses achieve exponential growth with Shopify Facebook Ads Retargeting. Tap into the untapped conversion potential of your storefront with our Shopify PPC Services.


Authored By Roman Gorski

Authored By Roman Gorski

"Translating business plans onto the website and perfecting optimization reflects in positioning."

In 2011, Roman Gorski began his marketing endeavors with Search Engine Optimization. A whole new universe of e-commerce marketing soon became his playground. With over 12+ years of marketing in the industry, Shopify SEO still continues to be one of Roman's best areas of expertise.

Besides staying on top of Google Updates and SEO best practices, Roman enjoys watching TV series. He also likes to spend his free time dining out with friends.

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