Etsy Store vs Shopify: Weighing Pros and Cons of Etsy and Shopify 

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Etsy Store vs Shopify

Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of Etsy Store vs Shopify Website. 

Online store owners bring creative products to customers. These products are unique, each with its own customized design, especially handmade goods. So why not store owners like yourself get a customizable online store?

Shopify and Etsy are both popular e-commerce platforms for selling handmade goods online. However, there are some major differences between these platforms. This Etsy Store vs Shopify comparative analysis will be very helpful for budding online sellers!

Let’s dive right into the facts before choosing one over the other.

Pros and Cons of Etsy Store vs Shopify

Craft is all about using skills, and this includes marketing your products on the right platform. Etsy is a great platform for selling handmade products like printables, art, jewelry, etc. However, it is like selling self-baked cookies from a cottage. That is a cool thing in itself! But you know that small bakeries don’t make a bank compared to a shop or a storefront.

This fact tops the list of Pros and Cons of Etsy Store vs Shopify

On the other hand, Shopify is a comprehensive e-business platform. It is specially built for small businesses and enterprises. Shopify offers a wider range of features and customization options. This is the reason why over 700 Million buyers shop from Shopify Stores. And the active buyers on Etsy are 89.9 Million. The gap is major.

But since most small businesses manufacturing handmade goods start on Etsy, 

Let’s go through it first.

Etsy Store vs Shopify Comparision: Skim it

Etsy is an affordable platform that is designed for selling handmade and vintage goods. When discussing the Pros and Cons of Etsy Store, the top pro of Etsy is that it is free, unlike Shopify. It is also easier to use than Shopify, with a simpler interface and fewer features. Etsy does not charge the sellers any monthly fees, but sellers pay a commission on each sale.

Now that you think about it, 

Etsy may not be the best platform for continual business growth.

A huge part of your profits from sales will go to Etsy on a commission basis. That does not sound very good, considering the Slow Etsy Sales. Etsy gives sellers a great head start to get into business, however, having a Shopify Store brings other things to the table as well.

Check out this brief comparison of the key features of an Etsy Store vs Shopify:

Monthly feesStarts at $29Free to join, but sellers pay a commission on each sale
Customization optionsExtensiveLimited
Payment ProcessingPayPal, Stripe, Shopify PaymentsPayPal and Etsy Payments
Shipping optionsFedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and moreUSPS, FedEx, and UPS
Customer support24/7 live chat, email, and phone supportEmail and phone support

The best platform for your store will ultimately depend on individual needs and preferences. Shopify offers a wide range of features. If you need a comprehensive platform, then Etsy competitors like Shopify are a good choice. 

On the contrary, Etsy is suitable for your business if you are looking for a cost-effective platform. It is also an easy-to-use platform for anyone unfamiliar with SEO and customizations. Let’s go over some additional factors to consider when choosing between Etsy Store vs Shopify.

Consider your target audience

Shopify is the best platform if you are selling to a broad audience, while Etsy can be used if you are selling your products to a niche audience.

What is your product type?

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing and the most popular e-commerce platform. It is considered the best for selling physical goods. On the other hand, Etsy is a good choice for selling digital goods or handmade goods. If you wish to scale up the sales, then building an assorted Shopify Art Store will help you market your custom products better.

Set your budget for storefront

Shopify is a more expensive platform than Etsy, where you are charged a commission per sale. Shopify has a monthly fee starting at $29 for a Basic Shopify Plan. The Shopify plan costs $79 per month, while the Advanced Shopify is priced at $299 per month. Enterprise-level businesses can also go for the Shopify Plus plan with custom pricing. However, Shopify offers a free trial so sellers can try it out before committing to a paid plan.

Technical skills for Etsy Store vs Shopify

Shopify is a more complex platform to use than Etsy. We discussed earlier in the article about SEO for Online Stores. Shopify SEO Experts help businesses in making their store visible on the search engine. Shopify offers built-in SEO features like custom URLs, website design, blogs, custom meta tags, etc. This brings in more traffic and helps in reaping better sales.

There you have it.

The pros and cons of Etsy and Shopify must be enough for you to make a comparison.

Etsy Store vs Shopify: Make a Choice!

If the pros and cons were not enough, here are the latest stats.

California alone has 72786 live storefronts used by various businesses. Followed by that, New York, Florida and Texas also have 30874, 27489 and 24203 live stores as well. Choosing the right platform is an important business decision.

Take time to consider your needs and research Etsy competitors as well. 

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right platform for your business.

  • Step 1: Consider long-term business goals

If you plan to grow your business, you may want to choose a platform that can accommodate your growth.

  • Step 2: Conduct your market research

Read reviews and compare features to find the best platform for your needs.

  • Step 3: Talk to other small-business stores

Get their feedback on the platforms they have used.

  • Step 4: Test drive an Etsy Store vs Shopify

Try out a few different platforms before making a decision. You can choose a one-month or Shopify 3-Day Free Trial Plan to test the waters.

These are all the tips our Shopify Experts shared.

For more, read our comparative analysis of Shopify vs eBay, for a broader understanding of various other online marketplaces.


Is Etsy safe for credit cards or Shopify?

Yes, Etsy offers a safe transaction platform. The platform employs encryption technology and adheres to industry-standard security procedures. However, it is always advisable to practice safe online purchasing habits. With Shopify, there are no issues with transactions as the platform is PCI Compliant and allows Enabling Shopify SSL.

Are Etsy ads worth it compared to Shopify Ads?

The success of running Etsy Ads may vary depending on a number of factors. This includes the product niche, target audience, and marketing strategies. In a sense, it is limited. On the other hand, Shopify allows sellers to Run Ads right from the Shopify Dashboard. These Ads attract more traction as they are shown as display ads on Facebook, feed ads, video ads, Google SERPs, and more.

What is the commission rate that Etsy charges on each sale? 

Etsy charges a transaction fee of 6.5% of the listing price. The platform will also charge an amount for delivery and gift wrapping as well. Shopify, on the other hand, offers sellers full control of all the Shopify Plans.


Authored By Roman Gorski

Authored By Roman Gorski

"Translating business plans onto the website and perfecting optimization reflects in positioning."

In 2011, Roman Gorski began his marketing endeavors with Search Engine Optimization. A whole new universe of e-commerce marketing soon became his playground. With over 12+ years of marketing in the industry, Shopify SEO still continues to be one of Roman's best areas of expertise.

Besides staying on top of Google Updates and SEO best practices, Roman enjoys watching TV series. He also likes to spend his free time dining out with friends.

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